Further resources for the McLintock Story

The links give much food for thought about what McLintock actually did mean by mystical science.

  • David Peat (SMN) puts it into a category akin to the alchemical synthesis.
  • CSHL Interview about Barbara McLintock This acknowledges McLintock's interest in occult science but quickly moves away from any hint there was anything but conventional scientific evidence at work.
  • The final couple of paragraphs in this short article from Annals of Botany comparing Agnes Arber and Brabara McLintock's spirituality is neatly put.
  • She self-discloses much about her 'spiritual' experiences in various writing and interviews. I haven't read the famous biography A Feeling for the Organism, The Life and Work of Barbara McClintock, Evelyn Fox Keller, but have the Kindle version of The Tangled Field : Barbara McClintock's Search for the Patterns of Genetic Control, Nathaniel C Comfort.  In particular she outlines a process she calls integration which involved what I identified as 'putting' her mind into the subatomic world.  Comfort is at pains to point out the similarity of the creative experience between characters as diverse as Einstein and McLintock, but somewhat demurs this might be mystical. It's reasonably clear from the quotations that McLintock saw it as science beyond the ordinary limits of its dogmas and doctrines.



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