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Max Thomson
20 December 2018, 4:04 PM

This may be way off beam but it strikes me as a current issue that may have theological implications. Is it just a variant on "prohibition" (relating to alcohol in the past) or is it different?

Samuel Andrews: How synthetics became a public health crisis

While recent decisions can be a big win, some are still urging the Government to replace our outdated drug law with a mandatory health referral approach. This is in line with the recommendations from the Mental Health and Addictions Inquiry, and the earlier Law Commission review of the Misuse of Drugs Act.  What about the misuse of alcohol?

David Bell
21 December 2018, 9:43 AM

This is an interesting comment Max. I'm not quite sure how it relates to the Riso silkscreen 23, but there was a book, The Doors of Perception, by the famous English writer/philosopher Aldous Huxley, grandson of T H Huxley, Darwin's "bulldog".  This book describes his experiments with the drug mescalin, which apparently changes our perception of time. I did a bit of research on T H Huxley but never followed up on on Aldous. Do you want to pursue the discussion about the theological implications re alcohol use/abuse further? Whether it's a Creative Spaces debate or better as a forum discussion in, say, Preaching Today Group, I don't know. Aldous Huxley regarded his experiments with mescalin as interesting/creative, but a later use of LSD he apparently described as "profound". 23.jpg