Postcards of the Cross: Introduction

Postcards of the Cross

Stations are stopping places.

Postcards are sent from stopping places.

Stopping places can be physical destinations or thought stopping places – links to real places or transitory layering of meanings that clarify perceptions for the moment.


Stations of the Cross

Via Dolorosa - Way of Sorrow, Way of the Cross is the traditional path followed by Jesus from the judgement court to Golgotha; the place of the crucifixion.

There are fourteen Stations on the Way of the Cross; nine along the Old City street and five within the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Robert and I made our way along the Via Dolorosa early one winter’s morning. The streets were almost empty (it was Ramadan) making it personal, almost private; so far from the massed crowds and public humiliation of Jesus’ walk to Golgotha.


This Lent I have revisited and completed a contemplative visual study I began two years ago. I asked myself the question: Where have I personally witnessed each of the Stations of the Cross?

Then I made a Postcard to send from each.

You may or may not make connections them, but I invite you to consider:

Are there experiences you can recall which remind you metaphorically of Jesus’ walk to the Cross?

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Lavinia Elder
03 April 2016, 7:49 AM

Kia ora David. Thanks for your deep consideration of Stations of the Cross; for being inspired to take the journey further with Polanyi. And yes, the two years was important; time to 'dream' deeper, more reflectively, live with the ideas and revisit. Sincere thanks. Shalom ,Lavinia

Stuart Manins
04 April 2016, 10:52 AM

Livinia, I am intrigued with your creative extension of the 'Stations of the Cross theme' and the sensitive application of this to the series of postcards you present. Very well done. David, the theological reference to Polanyi's work on tacit knowledge is illuminating. This project is a happy marriage of fresh ideas.