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David Bell
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David Bell - Admin

I'm the founder and admin for kiwiconnexion. It's a Mahara powered site  is f...
Joined: 22 December 2015
David Hill
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David Hill - Admin

Joined: 27 July 2016
Dorothy Willis
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Dorothy Willis - Admin

I live in the Riverton.  The place of beauty in the deep south. Married to E...
Joined: 26 January 2016
Philip Garside
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Philip Garside - Admin

Greetings My wife Heather and I have attended Wesley Methodist Church, Tar...
Joined: 1 January 2016
Stuart Manins
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Stuart Manins - Tutor

Stuart Manins is a New Zealander with an international involvement in music e...
Joined: 1 January 2016
Alison Leadley
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Alison Leadley - Member

Joined: 31 August 2016
Barrie Collett
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Barrie Collett - Member

Joined: 17 May 2016
Brett Knowles
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Brett Knowles - Member

Although semi-retired, I'm an Associate Professor of Church History at the Sy...
Joined: 22 March 2017
Christine Baker
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Christine Baker - Member

Joined: 6 January 2016
demo student2
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demo student2 - Member

Joined: 24 December 2015
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