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David Bell - Admin

Now officially retired, I'm the Director of a volunteer church outreach: Trin...
Joined: 24 February 2016
Barrie Collett
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Barrie Collett - Member

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Brett Knowles
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Brett Knowles - Member

Although semi-retired, I'm an Associate Professor of Church History at the Sy...
Joined: 22 March 2017
David Hill
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David Hill - Member

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demo student2
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demo student2 - Member

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Ian Faulkner
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Ian Faulkner - Member

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John Brock
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John Brock - Member

Hi, i live in the Pohangina Valley ....  (to be continued)
Joined: 25 May 2016
Julie Thomson
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Julie Thomson - Member

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Lavinia Elder
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Lavinia Elder - Member

Kia ora, It is an absolute privilege to be part of the Kiwiconnexion communit...
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lianne williams
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lianne williams - Member

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