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Preaching Today is for 

  • any interested in just reading to think or watching more about the Christian message
  • any who want to learn how to lead worship, preach, and share their sermons and talks beyond the Sunday event. Here’s what we do.

There is one forum in this group. You can add your own contribution, questions, queries anytime. We’d love to hear from you on how sermons or other aspects of worship have gone. 

There are two Collections in Preaching Today.

First, The Art and Craft of Telling the Christian Story. The pages in this collection are: 

  1. Videos from Far Country Tall Tales and True. This page in the collection is a video index of David Bell's sermons broadcast on YouTube.  
  2. Creativity and Imagination in Ministry. This highlights the work of preachers and community theologians, including Lavinia Elder, Manoa Havea, Philip Garside, David Hill, Stuart Macadam, Stuart Manins, Rachael Masterton, Melema’u Molitika, Neti Petaia, Ann Pritchard, Rosalie Sugrue, and Dorothy Willis.
  3. The Art and Craft of Shaping a Sermon. On this page there is a free guide on how to research and write sermons using the hidden and ignored resources of congregational involvement. 

The second Collection is Worship Resources for the Christian Year. There is a page for each season of the Lectionary calendar and includes a page Explaining the Christian Calendar by Rev Dr Lynne Wall.

Lectionary Readings and Reflective images

Vanderbilt Divinity Library Resources

"The slideshow files contain selected texts from each of the Sunday Lectionary readings along with reflective images. Each is available in PowerPoint and PDF format. Since the images have copyright release for non-commercial use, the slideshows may be freely used in worship and educational settings. To download, click on either of the icons to save the file to your computer."

The slideshows can be downloaded as PDF or Powerpoints. My strong recommendation is to reduce the number of slides to a maximum of 10 for a normal worship service. But the full slideshow will stimulate you for the prayers which you need to make your services both complete, and completely your own.

And note also, these slides are well-designed, compared to most church Powerpoints. They look very, very good and will communicate your interpretation of the message in a strong way.

Go to Vanderbilt Lectionary Resources

Sample Vanderbilt 3rd Sunday Epiphany 2018

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Music resources

The following link givse you access to significant music resource collections

Bill Wallace | Songs for Download from Progesssive Christianity website

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