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The Rock Wren - ground nesting and endangered

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“How fast should the Just Transition be in different countries, and who should pay for it?”

New research from Oil Change International on an equitable fossil fuel phaseout shows how we can manage the decline of coal, oil and gas in a way that’s fair for workers and local communities around the world. Watch the video, and go further with the full study here

What kind of post-Covid economy do we really want

Water and Drought - a tale of the water market in Australia

New York Times - Australian Crisis

Swingeing talk on Australian politicians.

Read Here

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Says it all, really

Biodiversity - will we make it?

A generation in fear of the future

Learn about Walk for the Planet 2020 with David Hill

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Read Eric Dodd on climate change, regional conflicts, refugees and global concerns


Coal-fired power out in Germany

National Geographic on Plastic

Live-on-Air with Rev Richard Lawrence

Tiritiri Matangi | Dr Hester Cooper

Graphic Design Meets Eco-Wagon

Should we celebrate current Carbon Dioxide levels?

Here is an interesting/controversial? review from 2015: the  annual Global Warming Policy Foundation, GWPF, Lecture, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London. It's worth scrutinizing the academic board of GWPF.

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