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Where the kiwiconnexion community shares its ideas and insights from a variety of groups and individuals. Insights from around the kiwiconnexion website and beyond.

The whisper of the soul's archetypes

Contrasting views on how we look at life

Two brilliant little sermons on the Why of Dignity in the world of differences

David Hockney talks about Vincent van Gogh

My generation....who wasn't inspired by the legendary performances of Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic. Here's a perfect introduction to Bach via Gould and Bernstein.

Glen Gould, Leonard Bernstein

The 2019 Dorothy Willis annual Christmas story for young people

Chosen to Shine

Lavinia Elder | South to the Borderlands


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David Bell Author, publisher, community theologian and kiwiconnexion evangelist

Lavinia Elder Artist, photographer, mean double bass player, teacher and zine guru

Philip Garside Publisher PGPL, community theologian, muso, sermons 

David Hill Journalist, preacher, community theologian

Stuart Macadam Crazy about Creativity, Crazy about Coaching, Three Minutes of Your Time ...and more

Stuart Manins Author, music educator, community theologian

Rosalie Sugrue Author, preacher, teacher, community theologian

Dorothy Willis  Kids packs, muso, preaching, community theologian, Live-on-Air