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Max Thomson shows how to recycle broken glass

Daily walks on Campbells Bay beach have Max working both at beach clean-up and art-with-glass.

20211028 Seaglass Art.jpg

More Mood boards...opening up creativity

Lavinia Elder has some new Mood boards as she continues to explore wool and more for spinning, designing, and dyeing.

Mood board 4s web.jpg

The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse

17-From-Lightfall-to-Mending-Wall.jpgTranslation by Heidi Wilson and Charlotte Fröhlich©

Are we ready to listen in reverence
To Music of the Universe and Music of the Masters,
To call to the celebrations
The venerated spirits of inspired times?

We let ourselves be elevated
By secret forms of writing—by whose spell
The boundlessness, and storms, and life itself,
have emerged as clear parables.

They sing like crystal constellations:
when we walk in their footsteps, they give meaning to our lives:
Not one can fall out of its circle
Except towards the sacred centre.

Collaged intaglio etchings and text by David Bell©

"The Glass Bead Game the principles of a new language, a language of symbols and formulas, in which mathematics and music played an equal part, so that it became possible to combine astronomical and musical formulas, to reduce mathematics and music to a common denominator, as it were." Hesse.

Artist book | Nothing gold can stay - Robert Frost


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