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“What is Methodism?” John Wesley asked. “Methodism, so called is the old religion, the religion of the Bible, the religion of the Primitive (early) church, the religion of the Church of England. This old religion. . . is no other than love, the love of God and all mankind.”

The title of this group  is derived from John Wesley’s Survey. Or to give it its full title, A Survey of the Wisdom of God in the Creation: A Compendium of Natural Philosophy. John Wesley’s survey was for the lay preachers but certainly wasn’t confined to them. Hence this group considers all things Methodist today - local, national, global.

The original Survey was in two volumes, and covered a lot of territory particularly in the sciences. Our survey picks up those themes, although we develop natural theology and the sciences in the  Genesis and Science group.

What's in this Methodist Survey?

 The Survey contains original research and curates many different resources in one place. 


Overview of what the Methodist Survey is all about

Trinity-at-Waiake 60th anniversary talk

Christian Experience Key to Wesleyan Theology

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