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Banned TEDX Talk on Psychic Abilities

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09 March 2017, 10:37 PM

I've posted this video into Unexpected Things in Science Worth Doing

Interested to know what you make of it. Should it be here? If so why?

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12 March 2017, 6:13 PM

Should it be included in Kiwiconnexxion? Yes, because nothing should be excluded without sufficient reason.  And I see no reason to do so. The open mind admits the possibility of anything, while at the same time treating what is presented with the most critical examination. Only with such an approach will knowledge be allowed to develop. Thanks for bringing it to our notice David. I sense the continuing of increasingly amazing and illuminating insight into human consciousness.

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19 March 2017, 1:21 PM

Stuart, following on from your comment here's a video to which SciMedNet drew attention. 

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