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Live-on-Air 19:00 Sunday April 23 - With an Eco-Flavour

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18 April 2017, 12:36 PM

Life, Hope, Works,Interview with Mike Paterson

Mike is a New Zealand born Canadian who was a NZ Herald journalist. His partner is Sue who was Methodist minister. They lived and worked in Scotland for a long while and are now back in Canada. His book which you can find on Amazon is You Can't Be Serious, essays in wonder. Unfortunately it's only in paperback at this time. 

Our questions for Mike so far. Use the Sunday Night forum to post any more prior to broadcast

  • Tell us about your working life in NZ and beyond
  • Later on you wrote a doctorate at Edinburgh. What was that about
  • You are very active on Facebook. Why do you value it
  • Tell us about your new book. What are the main ideas you are trying to get across
  • If there was one main theological idea you would like to see encouarged what would it be
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