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Adding the material of the FSMN (Friends of the Scientific and Medical Network)

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03 September 2017, 1:49 PM

Hi everyone in Genesis and Science Group. I've been able to add the work of Leo Hobbis and our extensive history of discussion topics when Trinity-at-Waiake hosted the FSMN group. The longer I look at them the more I realise how alive, connected and up-to-date the group - and by a kind of osmosis - the congregation itself, was. It's great to be reclaiming some of the  heritage. And it's fitting that as I've concluded the recent interview with David Lorimer, programme director of SMN, and editor of the Network Review, we now merge some common aspects. Have a look at the handy Collection page here. I will make a wider announcement about this page in kiwiconnexion's community news, when I've added a few more details for the upcoming edition of Ardet.


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