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Chance, Destinty, Fate and Freewill | Live-on-Air tonight Sunday 25 Feb 19:00

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25 February 2018, 12:45 PM

Hi everyone,

I've just been banned for 3 months from YouTube live-streaming (for the second time!). I inadvertently put a link to and got the community strike. Never mind. I worked around it last time and will do so again.

But, the very good news is we are now also successfully embedded into FB live video. So you can continue to watch live-streams as they happen right here in kiwiconnexion. You can't interact directly if you watch from here, so if you are aFB member you may prefer to watch from there..

Tonight's show will 15 mins max  just type @thisisliveonair or use the link. The topic is very important to me and for any Methodists who really want to think what the story of the Crucifixion might imply about the silence of God in the face of the world's suffering.

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19 March 2018, 7:11 PM

Hi David

Just watched your Simone Weil - Chance, Destiny, Fate and Freewill video. Very interested.

You noted that scientists might disagree, but I wonder if British physicist Professor Brian Cox might actually agree.

In his television series "Human Universe" he talks about our existence as the result of a series of random events and chance encounters. But then he talks about the likelihood the universe will one collapse back in on itself and ultimately there will be another big bang. He also talked about the likelihood of multiverses - perhaps hundreds of billions.

Which ultimately means, the existence of the whole thing is inevitable - we are here because we have to be”.

Of course this begs the question: Why do we exist at all? Do we have a purpose?

Well, nobody knows. So Brian Cox concluded: “the answer is up to you, what do you think?”

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