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Live-on-Air Streams tomorrow Monday 5 March at 21:30

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04 March 2018, 7:27 PM

Hi everyone,

The change of date and time is to accommodate Dimi Nakov's schedule. Dimi lives in Perth WA. Recently he won a number of awards from screen writers guilds in LA and more. His moviemaking genre is sci-fi, but these awards signal a shift for Dimi to writing rather than directing and producing.

We've done a few interviews in the past, so I'm looking forward to hosting Dimi, and Stuart Macadam and Alex Rancor Corlett. Alex and Dimi went to film school at South Pacific Studios back in the day.

Our topic is creative writing and overcoming the blocks. Between Dimi, Stuart and myself we've done a lot of writing in different genres, but still find our creativity and motivation needs constant feeding. Preachers, worship leaders, church leaders have to do creative writing writing and speaking, be it in small reflections and prayers, to full worship services  sometimes leading to publication on websites or in books/collections of work.

We invite you to watch live. Just click here to go to the Live-on-Air Group About page and you will see the viewer.  You can watch from here or explore further in the viewer to find Facebook. Don't hesitate to add comments, questions, etc during the presentation. Or use the range of like/dislike ikons to give feedback if there are particular points you agree/disagree with.

If you decide to watch at a later time you can still add feedback. Hope you can join us.

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08 March 2018, 5:05 PM

Hi everyone, this broadcast of Live-on-Air here was a partial success. View it on the About page here. The new software update failed to deliver our participant Dimi Nakov from Perth WA, but Stuart Macadam and I did enough to make a reasonable effort talking about overcoming the blocks and barriers to creative writing. Overcoming fears emerged as a main point from Dimi, and in addition the idea we know more than we can tell - philosopher Michael Polanyi's great insight of tacit knowledge - was also drawn out. You can learn more about how to use tacit awareness in ministry contexts in Leadership+Design unit 9 here. The video about Lavinia Elder's creative insights All Thought is an Incarnation is also on the same kiwiconnexion page.

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