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15 June 2018, 8:40 PM

Hi there

Here's an interesting short online course I just completed through the platform on civil rights taken by a civil rights lawyer and professor at the University of Michigan. - Civil Rights in the Trump Era Teach-Out.

The audio from the Donald Trump v State of Hawaii case before the Supreme Court was particularly amusing as the attorney-general kept trying to make the case for the Trump Administration and kept being knocked back by the judges who weren't having a bar of it!

The State of Hawaii appealed Trump's executive order which essentially gave the immigration authorities extra powers against foreign nations from a select group of countries which happened to have Muslim majorities.

The attorney-general tried to say anything Trump said in his election campaign was irrelevant and the executive order was based on official advice which presented evidence that there were threats to national security - which of course he was unable to provide when asked to by the judges. The attorney-general said the judges should "just trust the President". But the judges concluded to the rational observer it was reasonable to assume the executive order was simply Trump following through on his election promise, which was also contrary to the US Constitution.

 It's much more interesting with the commentary from Professor Schlanger, but if you're not enrolled on you can listen to the case here -

But if you can get on to it's well worth and this course is free -

I have just signed up to another free Teach-Out through the University of Michigan - - "Exploring Basic Income in a Changing Economy - Teach-Out".



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