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Good Friday Sermon | Abhishek Solomon

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12 April 2020, 10:38 AM

Sometimes we surprise ourselves with creative response to crisis

Ian  Faulkner has sent through a link to the Auckland Central Parish virtual church website with a set of Easter resources that is also excellent. There are choral and organ pieces as well as written reflections.

20 April 2020, 4:08 PM

Yes. Nietzsche has been widely regarded as a great opponent of Christianity.  Yet he was not shy of being salutary to Christianity. When he noticed that the structure of the institution has become corrupt , especially according to its own principles, he offered criticism.  He saw intolerable discipline of the church as a necessary ingredient to freedom of the European spirit, which will reach its fullness in time.  

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12 April 2020, 9:45 PM

Staggering! Thank you Abishek. What gifts of insight and clarity you have brought us.


Recently I was thinking about a little poem by Leunig which is for Christmas (to judge by the illustration that usually accompanies it) except that this year it seems ideal for Easter. Your fine sermons triggered my memory again:

Love is born
With a dark and troubled face
When hope is dead
And in the most unlikely place
Love is born:
Love is always born.


So it is. Amen.

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