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There are roughly zones, Robert Frost | Beginning the illustration sequence

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01 June 2020, 12:08 AM

Not for the final set of proofs! By no means, but I've really explored the potential and the pitfalls of each plate and its textures over a good few weeks.

So, in some ways, despite rejecting most of these as not up to standard, nevertheless in other ways they are quite satisfying, because they reveal a way to me to get me into the zones/lines/demarcations without hard and fast rules. I've put some explanations in the comments. You can ask questions or make an observation via the comments box on each image. View here:

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28 June 2020, 3:23 PM

It's been a long art project, but at last all the prints are done. Happy days!

John McWade in California has kindly, very kindly, agreed to do the typography and narration, and the graphics have been sent!

When that comes back I will finish the video with Michael Bell contributing the musical background.

A big thank you to Art Class in kiwiconnexion for bearing with me, and also to the extra team that came in to help with print selection and ordering of the sequence. There are a total of 23 prints - 21 for the poem - and a front and end slide for title and credits.

The Prints

If you are interested the link will take you to the prints of the first stanza and after that you can easily navigate to the end. One print per verse, and a split into four stanzas of thought.

I hope to show the video at church either Sunday 5 or 12 July, and it will be in kiwiconnexion and social media as soon as finished.

And the theology of it all? Hope to discuss that on and off over the next few months in this forum.

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25 July 2020, 12:17 PM

I have found that it is well worth watching the video several times as the concurrent presentation of spoken word, written word, music and images is too much to absorb in one viewing. An amazing blend of relevant and skillfully produced contributions into one presentation/sequence.

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