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My wife Heather and I have attended Wesley Methodist Church, Taranaki Street, Wellington since the early 1980s. 10am Congregation Facebook page

By trade, I'm a publisher of eBooks and print books, see Philip Garside Publishing website. I also distribute NZ Hymnbook Trust's music books and CDs, Seasons of the Spirit worship and Sunday School materials and several Christian magazines and periodicals.

I'm a father of three grown up children.

I've been a lay preacher for several years, having been part of the pilot Lead Worship programme at Wesley, Taranaki Street in 2006. I consider myself a progressive Christian and am fascinated by learning how the Bible came to be written, exploring what we can know about the historical Jesus and how we can apply that knowledge in our lives today.

Heather and I sing in Festival Singers Festival Singers website, Festival Singers' Facebook page. We also lead the 10am Singing Group at church.

I get great satisfaction out of creating things, from model railway layouts to poster designs to imaginative, engaging worship services. I dabble in song writing - here is a recent song that has been well received - "Dance with us" You are welcome to copy and sing it.

Keen to make contacts.

Cheers, Philip

  • First name: Philip
  • Last name: Garside
  • Email address: books@pgpl.co.nz
  • City/region: Wellington
  • Business phone: 04 475 8855

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Creative worship leading in a time of personal transition

In the last three months I and my fellow shareholders made the decision to close our shop business and have now worked through most of the multitude of tasks this entailed. My son Alexander has become engaged and pretty much left home. My publishing business has taken on some of the distribution functions of the shop and I'm now needing to refocus on finding new book projects and growing that business generally. I'm in a time of transition. It has been a physically exhausting few months and I have found it hard to get the head space I need to focus on any one particular task with so much going on.

In some ways having to lead 3 worship services as a lay preacher during this time was the last thing I needed, but somehow they get planned, sermons written and worship is conducted. Why do I put myself through this extra effort? I could have asked my minister to assign another lay preacher... What is it about leading worship that keeps me doing it?

Two answers.

1. I'm constantly reading and re-reading progressive Christianity books and articles and listening to podcasts. (John Schuck's Progressive Spirit podcasts at http://progressivespirit.podomatic.com/ have insightful interviews each week.) Each of these inputs moves my thinking along and my theology changes and evolves. I usually write my sermons with these new insights at top of mind. Here's the value of this. Writing down my ideas clarifies what I really think and presenting them to the congregations at Wesley and Pukerua Bay helps me gauge the responses of my fellow church members. I can soon tell if they find my latest ideas a bit too whacky or actually valuable and stimulating. Leading worship then is a leveller, that allows me to grow spiritually but keep my feet on the ground.

2. I love creating things, and leading worship gives me a platform to try out a new song I've composed, a new bit of liturgy I've written, or a new way to visualise the Trinity in the children's talk. I also enjoy performing, even though I'm a very much an introvert at other times.

Philip. 15 June 2016.



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The award of community theologian, and publisher is long overdue. Congrats and keep doing the ministry of enabling practical theological participation in the NZ context.

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