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I like to learn, teach and write, in creative ways. However being a pre-boomer I find using cyber space a big challenge - word processing, emails and google are about are the limits of my comfort zone. But I do like to share my writing and what works for me. So do feel free to use my material if you can locate it or email me if you can't. Philip Garside of PGP has published 5 books for me that you can find on his website. If you would like user-friendly scripts of my plays or a particular puzzle for photocopying just email me. If you want a Bible puzzle on a particular topic (eg for café church) just ask, if I haven't got it I will create it. 

  • First name: Rosalie
  • Last name: Sugrue
  • City/region: Wellington
  • Country: New Zealand

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Just letting you know why my lack of contributing over recent months. Have been too busy writing. Today finished revising (and expanding) 'Sophia & Daughters' (the book my image holds) to be published by Philip Garside as the last of our 'resourcing church leaders set'. Last month I completed booklet, 'Christian, White and Female in Aotearoa'  to sell at the WHS Conference - would add the 266 word report of the conference + photo I did for our parish magazine but the person or machine, who manages these posts and can't count, won't let me!   


Hi Rosalie,
Just saw your reply. I am happy to do images. It is just a hobby for me (so I am pretty slow to get them done), but if you have any ideas, let me know!
Hi Rosalie, happy to do a few more illustrations for your prodigal daughter story if you want?

The issue also spills over into the control of pain in the last stages of life. Martin Crowe and Helen Kelly are two high profile personalities who have needed medical cannabis which is legally denied. 

Rosalie is a self-confessed Luddite.

Folk might be interested in our highly talented resident Luddite's Easter resource in Creative Spaces. Sample here


I am unhappy with the wordy submission of the Interchurch Bioethic Committee on the right to end life with medical assistance. To me their argument seems, smug, preachy and lacking in understanding and compassion. I have sent a personal submission to supporting the right to die with dignity at one’s own choosing should pain or non quality of give rise to unrelenting suffering. If you care about this issue please make your feelings known. This is the last week for writing to the select committee.


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This is a collection of sermons important to me. I trust you will enjoy reading them
The League of Lilith

The League of Lilith

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Please feel encouraged to download the RMS puzzle sampler.  This is a free resource. If you would like to support the work of the Methodist  Women's Fellowship you can purchase more puzzle books at Philip Garside Publishing Here is the latest.9781927260432_Greens_and_Greys_print_200w.jpg

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