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Three Minutes Of Your TimeGraphics and Red Text.jpgHi I'm Stuart Macadam. I'm one of the authors of Three Minutes Of Your Time.

I wrote this book alongside David Bell. We're in charge of the kiwiconnexion and Live-on-Air platforms.

I also founded

And in each of these journeys we've had to do a lot of trial and error to discover the real secrets behind effective social media marketing.

Whether you're someone who is looking to start up a business, whether you're working within a church organisation or whether you're just looking for a way to promote your products our ebook will give some effective ways to do that.

So I hope you enjoy it and you can download it on the link to the right

About Being Crazy for Creativity

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Find out more about me and Cinemaddicts with the Live-on-Air interviews Crazy About Creative process with David Bell from kiwiconnexion. We talk about: images, movies, music, sermons, text

Or check out our podcasts of this series 1-8

  1. Are you really crazy about the creative process
  2. How do you kickstart the creative process
  3. Allow the mind to play
  4. From idea to editing
  5. Deal with negative criticism
  6. Take the plunge get published
  7. PGPL for publishing NZ authors
  8. Content is king distribution is queen who wears the pants

And if you like you can watch more with More Quick Tips in the Creative Process

  1. To set micro-goals or not
  2. Self-imposed goals work for me
  3. Try making a YouTube video to help craft your sermon
  4. Constraints can enhance creativity
  5. Use creative processes in multiple church contexts
  6. Do we need others to assess how creative we really are
  7. Step back from your work and know when you are finished
  8. Creativity in relationships, creativity in Christ

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