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2020 Election Special

2020 Election Special

(1 page)
Reflections and musings as election 2020 seemingly draws closer.
All New Bantam Theology...

All New Bantam Theology...

(6 pages)
There's more to come, we have only just become.
Bantam Theology

Bantam Theology

(13 pages)
Bantams are humble little creatures which live a simple life - perhaps we could learn something f...
Bantam Theology - Election 2017 special

Bantam Theology - Election 2017 special

(8 pages)
Why wait until September? There's an election coming and I want to do my bit to change the conver...
Bantam Theology lockdown special

Bantam Theology lockdown special

(2 pages)
Bantam-inspired lockdown reflections. Beginning August 2021
Bantam Theology - the city and you

Bantam Theology - the city and you

(3 pages)
Since Justin Trudeau gave the TPP the slip this week I decided to go Canadian and I have signed u...
Collection of articles

Collection of articles

(1 page)
My workplace is slow to embrace technology, so I am doing it myself using the kiwiconnexion Mahar...
Gravitational Pull

Gravitational Pull

(1 page)
Reflections for Autumn 2021, incorporating walks and reflections along the Otakaro Avon River (We...
Gravitational Pull 2022

Gravitational Pull 2022

(2 pages)
A journey of journeys and a story of stories through 2022. Family history on steroids.
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Hey you are getting quite a collection of kiwizines! This really is the thing about our kiwiconnexion/mahara software. It allows nuanced curation from various sources.

Sorry, I hadn't caught up with that one David Bell, (September 12). But I guess all I can say is Jacinda has done the right thing by handing over Climate Change to the Green Party, with James Shaw taking charge.


David Hill - I'm curious to hear what you would say about Tony Manhire's observation "Labour’s approach to deep-sea drilling and coal mining has been attacked already by the Māori Party. Ardern’s refusal on RNZ this morning to rule out approving new developments in either was leapt on by Greenpeace. “If climate change is our nuclear free moment, then oil, coal and gas are the nuclear bombs. Today Jacinda had an opportunity to walk the talk, but she failed.”"

Not a bad month, Eastern Rising, our little radio initiative was named as a finalist in the NZ Radio Awards.

Now the two newspapers I write for have been noticed in the Community Newspaper Awards.
Central Rural Life - Best all-round newspaper in the associate category (small circulations).
North Canterbury News - Highly commended in the Frank Vale Memorial Award for most improved newspaper in its category.

"Nothingness or emptiness is about about the only thing forbidden in the rules of the quantum mechanics"
Professor Brian Cox, British physicist

I have come to the conclusion that nothingness doesn't exist, except when it comes to a pay rise...
But even then the rule still applies - if the pay remains the same, it is no longer the same, because of inflation. Therefore it becomes less than nothingness.

Interesting and provocative blog post from Bantam Theology: Atheist Notions.

The term "Christian atheist" gained some currency when Canadian minister Rev Gretta Vosper was in NZ. Is it language which captures the totality of what is implied? No quite. Yet neither do more conventional theological terms. I think what is happening to us, is we are living in/through a paradigm shift involving all religions, all branches of faiths, including their forms of gathering, including Christian worship. This faiths-revolution is being driven by new science, new social science, which is now much more widely available and accessible through social media.

Bantam Theology takes on anew meaning with your latest Coursera achievement! Tell us about it on your wall, and i will have a reference in YouTube.

Thanks David Hill and Mark Gibson for  Walk the Planet/Lenten Resources,which will be ready mid-February. The PDF  will also come with some other printer ready PDF resources, including Dorothy Willis' Mary and Peter meditations, Stations of the Cross by Liz Hopner and Peter West plus some material from Lead Worship 1 and 2.

Walk for the Planet is a Canterbury initiative, mainly because we want to avoid the logistical nightmares of the first Walk for the Planet in 2009. But if others, like Peter Lane's Green Church group, want to pick it up and do activities in support then by all means. We are open to all possibilities.

Good to hear about the return of Walk for the Earth. Wonder if this could be somehow extended...maybe through peter Lane's group Green Church? Just athought.

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Coursera Courses


Love as a Force for Social Justice (Stanford University, January 2018)

Making Sense of the News: News Literacy Lessons for Digital Citizens (State University of New York, University of Hong Kong, February 2018) 

Digital Footprint (University of Edinburgh, March 2018)

Free Speech in Journalism - Teach-Out (University of Michigan, March 2018 - free course, with no certificate) 

Networking and Volunteerism for Career Success (University of California, San Diego, April 2018)

The Bible's Prehistory, Purpose and Political Future (Emory University, May 2018) 

Civil Rights in the Trump Era - Teach-Out (University of Michigan, June 2018 - free course with no certificate) 

 Big History - From the Big Bang Until Today (University of Amsterdam, October 2018)

Global Health and Humanitarianism (University of Manchester, November 2018)



Deception Detox: How Solid Science Can Help You Save the World (Erasmus University, Rotterdam, January 2017):

Public Policy Challenges of the 21st Century (University of Virginia, March 2017)

Chicken Welfare and Behaviour (Edinburgh University, May 2017)

The City and You: Find Your Best Place (University of Toronto, December 2017) 


Become a Changemaker: Introduction to Social Innovation (Capetown University, December 2016):


How to Change the World: (Wesleyan University, December 2014)





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