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NIBBLES WAS THERE - Christmas story for juniors

Nibbles Was There

All about kids packs

We have a series of 25 kids packs that contain tons of ideas for getting bible stories across in an interesting, interactive way. We distribute these around the area to families that can't get to church. All the work and art work is original so you can use and copy and distribute for yourselves. The link above is to our latest pack, but you see all the packs and topics here.

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Nibbles was there - Christmas Story

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I live in the Riverton.  The place of beauty in the deep south.
Married to Ernest and with three adult family.  Robert and Julia and their families live in Riverton and Sheryl  in Auckland.
Four grand children are handy.
Our Church is the Riverton Union Parish.
Interests include study, music and embroidery.
A constant companion is a little papillon dog.
After 28 years in the workforce as a school secretary there was a need to find things to do from home.  Study through Trinity College and Coursera have been great tools to keep the brain box working.




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Hi Dorothy, congratulations on completing another international course, very impressive!

 I love it - story beautifully told with an element of fun all kids can relate to and the illustrations are wonderful.

Hey, hey! Like the Open Badges Dorothy. I think you need to claim the Community Theologian, Muso and 2016 Presenter as well. They should be in your Passport...let me know if I need to resend. Cheers...and what a great set of achievements.

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