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Links to NZ Methodist history/theology resources

This link ⇒ the John Kinder Library online church newspapers out of print will also take you to the Outlook, the Methodist and Presbyterian newspaper in the colonial period.

This link ⇒ a high quality PDF reproduction of William Morley's History of New Zealand.

This link ⇒ Wesley Historical Society NZ

This link ⇒ Sung and Unsung Personalities by Rev Donald Phillipps, Rev Dr Susan thompson, Rev Dr David Bell

This link ⇒ Rev Dr James Stuart, video and associated resources, including links to the John Wesley Code Study Guide, PGPL

This link ⇒ Donald Phillipps papers on Independent Methodism in NZ from the Practical Dreamers Drop In Centre


From War Hero to Jail-bird when Methodism goes wrong!

Rev Dr James Stuart | A Life in Wesleyan Theology

Celebrating a decade of Donald Phillipps' Companion to Morley

Principal Eric W Hames, Pastoral Leader

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