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From War Hero to Jail-bird when Methodism goes wrong!

Rev Dr James Stuart | A Life in Wesleyan Theology

Celebrating a decade of Donald Phillipps' Companion to Morley

Principal Eric W Hames, Pastoral Leader

Freebies and links to NZ Methodist history/theology resources

Go to the John Kinder Library online church newspapers out of print will also take you to the Outlook, the Methodist and Presbyterian newspaper in the colonial period.

The best freebie in New Zealand Methodism: a very high quality PDF reproduction of William Morley's History of New Zealand.

Go to Wesley Historical Society NZ

Go to Sung and Unsung Personalities by Rev Donald Phillipps, Rev Dr Susan thompson, Rev Dr David Bell

Go to Rev Dr James Stuart, video and associated resources, including links to the John Wesley Code Study Guide, PGPL


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