If you have ever created pages for a pilgrimage, such as  Aotearoa, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Israel, Jordan, Tonga, Samoa, Turkey, ...wherever... please feel encouraged to share into this collection.

Hot tip: Here's how to do it. You probably have made a Powerpoint of your trip. If not put images into a Powerpoint.  Convert it to a PDF. Now make a page in your personal portfolio called "my pilgrimage" or whatever title you want. Upload your PDF and place it on the page as a single column layout. Edit the page so it can shared with various groups and the public.  Send a message to the Community admin (David Bell). He will then add it into the collection Creative Spaces| Journeys and Pilgrimage. All done. 

Our journeys and pilgrimages


Lavinia Elder | Postcards of the Cross
Kuli Fisi'iahi | Turkey
Manoa Havea | Turkey
Stuart Manins  | Israel
Rachael Masterton | Turkey
Melema'u Molitika | Israel, Jordan
Melema'u Molitika | Te Tai Tokerau
Neti Petaia | Turkey
Ann Pritchard | With the Eyes of the Heart

Wailing Wall