Insights from Rev Dr Jim Stuart on Methodist thought and history.

The John Wesley Code

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PDF: John Wesley's World

A personal checklist for Methodists

Jim's list

Jim compiled this list of what he thought we could all do to improve our Christian life and witness. 

  • Mission first, members second
  • Vision before preservation
  • Accountability before uniformity
  • Resourcing before constraining
  • Discernment not control
  • Mentoring not directing
  • Accompaniment not detachment
  • Risk not comfort
  • Authenticity not authority
  • Fluidity not rigidity
  • Organising not piety
  • Spiritual integrity
  • Community accountability
  • Ministry of all believers
  • Ministry of service
  • Ministry of pastoral care
  • Ministry of sustainability
  • Ministry of prophetic witness
  • Ministry of vision
  • Commitment to the message and mission of Jesus
  • Courage to follow Jesus in a disparate and changing world and personally incarnate his mission.


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