Postcards of the Cross: Introduction

Postcards of the Cross

Stations are stopping places.

Postcards are sent from stopping places.

Stopping places can be physical destinations or thought stopping places – links to real places or transitory layering of meanings that clarify perceptions for the moment.


Stations of the Cross

Via Dolorosa - Way of Sorrow, Way of the Cross is the traditional path followed by Jesus from the judgement court to Golgotha; the place of the crucifixion.

There are fourteen Stations on the Way of the Cross; nine along the Old City street and five within the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Robert and I made our way along the Via Dolorosa early one winter’s morning. The streets were almost empty (it was Ramadan) making it personal, almost private; so far from the massed crowds and public humiliation of Jesus’ walk to Golgotha.


This Lent I have revisited and completed a contemplative visual study I began two years ago. I asked myself the question: Where have I personally witnessed each of the Stations of the Cross?

Then I made a Postcard to send from each.

You may or may not make connections them, but I invite you to consider:

Are there experiences you can recall which remind you metaphorically of Jesus’ walk to the Cross?


An appreciation

David Bell gives a video overview of Post Cards of the Cross and shares an insight from Michael Polanyi's tacit knowledge as a way of knowing which engenders creative response. This video can also be shared via Leadership+Design+

All thought is an incarnation...Michael Polanyi