This collection The Art and Craft of Telling the Christian Story consists of four pages. The collection can be used by any groups and individuals who want to teach professional development for lay preachers and worship leaders.  Use in conjunction with Creativity and Imagination in Ministry and  Creative Spaces>Resources. You can add your own sermons and resources as collections on page 3. We'd love you to share your resources with us. This page is 6 videos about the art of the worship leader.

Introduction: Lead Worship by Design

Music and the Worship Leader

Involving young people


09 June 2016, 2:00 PM

I use stories (often with some simple visual aids), picture books and play readings frequently in my services and find they hold all ages. I also lead the senior Women's Fellowship in our church (delightful ladies in their 80s and 90s). They have fun with doing short impromptu play readings and love big bright picture book stories with a message that's fits with the theme of the monthly meeting.

David Bell
09 June 2016, 10:23 PM

Once again, thank you very much for sharing this, Rosalie. When I began as a young clergy I didn't like the Women's Fellowships and CWI etc. Our worlds seemed so different. By the time I got a bit of maturity I realised that the 80-90 year old women were often better informed than anyone else. They had time and inclination to listen to the best of radio and tv. I also discovered they were likely the more liberal folk of a congregation having seen most of it before in terms of church life. They had lived long enough to become less dogmatic and more open. But is this also an aspect of congregational life fast vanishing or even gone? I wonder.


The Worship Leader Who Prays

The Creative Worship Leader

Worship and Pastoral Care

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