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The idea of providing families with Christian material has developed as a result of analysing our Church's situation.  Only occasionally did we have children worship with us and they were either grandchildren of worshippers or visitors.  A common cry was there are no children.  Society tells us otherwise.  Therefore we must go to the children.


We provide our own material catering from preschoolers to about 14 years.  It is produced monthly and currently delivered to 14 children.  It is also available for download from the website Kiwi Connexion for anyone to use.  Because it is original work there is no copywrite.

You can contact us personally via  DorothyEWillis@xtra.co.nz  




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Another Power Point Lesson

David and Goliath

Able to complete LIMS

Two lovely ladies ventured south to Riverton (a first for them) to spend the day with Rachael Masterton and myself.  It was a big and busy day with a great deal for us to take in and learn.

Te Aroha Rountree  and Keita Hotere came and took us through the Maori Studies/Cultural component we were required to do to complete our course and graduate  in March.

We really appreciated their visit and the  wealth of experience they had at their fingertips.  A well put together powerpoint  lesson plan was prepared for us to follow.

Thanks to all who made this possible.

Secets of a Mancave

22/23 May Riverton Union Church will turn itself into a Mancave.

So often when we display things  it is the handwork and creativity that women do.  Not so this time it is an all male domain.

We are about to find out what secret activities the male population get up to.

Jeremy Beech, a member of a Motor Cycle Group called 'Warriors of Zion' is bringing some of his team and their motorbikes.  The team will stay over the weekend and meet with Boys Brigade and anyone interested.  He will be guest speaker on Sunday morning.




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Apple Orchard Project

Absolutely delighted with the Country Calendar programme tonight 22nd August.

It reflected well what is happening in Riverton.  This project is known all round the world. Many of the heritage apples discovered have been lost in their country of origin.  Some are being returned to England, France and other countries to be regrown there.

Others are growing happily in our special Riverton Orchard and an area of land near Invercargill.    Sales continue to grow each year as more cuttings become available.


Coursera - Songwriting

Half way through the most interesting course.  Comes out of Berklee Music School in Boston through Coursera.  The Tutor has coached many top song writers from all round the world. 

Its a mixture.  Its fun, thought provoking and challenging.  Has some technical computer skills to master. 

So far have looked at the importance of Prosody.  Line length, amount of lines and rhyming.   Perfect rhyme, family rhyme, assonance  rhyme and consonance rhyme.    How to create stable and unstable verse and chorus and how to include a spotlight in the mix.

Three song has had to be written for peer review so far.  Now we move onto how to bring music in.  A programme called Sound Cloud allows to upload music for others to listen to when you have provided the link. 

The course is advertised as one in which no previous musical experience is needed.


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