Poems from New Brighton / Parklands and beyond...

Dream A Dream

Dream a dream

A big one or small

Or so it seems


Numbers game

They say money talks

Always the same


Or is it?

Wake me up and go

Nothing to it


Come and go

Open for business

Nothing is new


Us and them

Resources exploited

Living systems


Walk along

Nothing to see here

But all in song


Look again

See the changing state

And look again


Stop and stare

Make it quick or long

Nothing to fear

Walk for Others Poems

Full Employment

Full employment, they say

Statistical, maybe

But without merit, I say


Nothing but a dream

A delusional scene

A reality not seen


Wages remain low

Subsistence grows

But really, it's all for show


Raising the minimum wage

50 cents, no more a page

Than a book without a sage


Poverty abound

People struggling all around

But they don't see it, not a sound


Supply more for who's greed?

Prices falling, incomes slow

Excuses, all that flows


We need a new reality

A dream, we all can see

Where we can live and be


Tis our nature to love and live

It's all we have to give

And share with all our gifts



He was lost and has been found”

You could get lost, amid the Hanmer Springs scenery

But do you mind, when you feel free

Tourists come and tourists go

To relax and unwind, and just to be


Today there are many places and ways

To be lost without meaning, a malaise

Produce more and more and more and more

Consume to your heart's content, or not

Consume anyway, let capitalism reign


Lost in a world of supply and demand

Producing and consuming, like there's no today

Just tomorrow and yesterday

Tomorrow, the illusion of when you'll have everything


Lost without meaning, wages low, debts rising

A mortgage on the planet

Tomorrow can never afford

Will we be found

Or do we send in the clown



When the day goes down

When the day goes down

Will we see tomorrow

Will we wear the crown

Will milk forever flow


Land of milk of honey

A mere delusion

Of generations past

Or a new vision


Open our eyes

Be found, not lost

There's not greater cost

It's time to rise


TPPA, no way

A borrowed future

A debt to pay

But who will insure


When the day goes down

I want there to be

A tomorrow found

So let us live and be



Gateway to nowhere

I see an entrance -

A gate to somewhere.

If you're lost,

Does it mean you're found?

Or is it a never land?

Counting the cost,

Anywhere, but here.

There's but one chance.


Meaningless lines,

Penned on a summer's day.

Filling in time.

Pondering what it is to be,

Or not to be free.

No clock to chime -

Another perfect day -

Another line.


A gateway to nowhere,

Is also a vision of hope,

Depending on you.

Whether money is at stake?

Or a fashionable big break?

Look beyond you -

Offer a new hope -

Anywhere, but here.


A few lines on a page.

What is that I'm seeing?

People scatter -

In a hurry to go nowhere,

For nowhere is already here.

So open up further,

To the core of all being -

For there is no greater stage.




I am who I am

No flag defines me




What is it to love?

What is it to be lost?

One or the other,

Whatever the cost.


The phone rings.


My thoughts for now

Wondering, discovering


Confusion, endless confusion

A mind lost

Somewhere in today

Tomorrow I'll be focused


I look skyward

I look to the ground

Not knowing what to look for

No answers around


I can't be depressed

No-one to listen

No-one to hear

Silence to glisten


Wonders of life

Lost in the moment

Look for something else

The moment is gone


Today will soon be yesterday

Gone, but not forgotten

A foggy mist, a blur

And the lost maybe found

A Song of Brexit

A Song of “Brexit”

A song of “Brexit”? Yes, you guessed it!

But this is no simple Icelandic nightmare

There is a time to vote, let's be clear


For voting is no trivial pursuit

Or multi-guess, sensory test

But a hard earned priviledge to boot


We must think carefully before we vote

And own the consequences of our actions

Lest we sail in all too different directions


We must hold politicians to account

Should they make promises, make them count

To represent us complete, not the elite


Leaders should lead for the many, not the few

Ensuring all are paid fair, housed and fed

Leaving none behind, bereft of what's due


Cameron is throwing in the towel

Boris barely let out a wail

Who will lead a nation in turmoil


British Labour implodes in on itself

Blaming Corbyn for the other crowd's foibles

Oh, who will lead a nation in turmoil


I don't wish to make a scene (Oh, yes I do!)

But maybe it's time to vote Green

Change is coming, so embrace it or begone


And when climate change takes you out of season

It's time to question, there's every reason

To test a nation's future direction


And tell those British elites not to come

A-pandering to Commonwealth nations

We were shafted before, and will not be again


For those elites only act in self-interest

Ignoring the many, thumbing nose at the rest

But, by jingo, New Zealand is no longer your poodle

A Psalm of David

A Psalm of David

I am awoken before dawn

Shaking, the ground rumbling on

So relentless, as I yawn

It’s no longer the quakes, this autumn

Rather it’s recovery

Construction sites surround our home you see


Home like an island, forgotten

Lost in a sea of construction

Machines rumble in darkness

Halting our dreams, and our nightly bliss

Like dinosaurs, they whirr away

As the dawn rises, greeting a new day


We lie in a tired, awoken state

Wondering in hope, our fate

Our time shall come, soon enough

We hope, we cling to it, must stay tough

Another winter to endure

Lest the snow fall, through cracks, time to nurture


Oh, but we are the lucky ones

With a home and insurance

Others endure rising rents

Low wages, uncaring exploitation

God, they are the ones in need

Sleeping in cars and sand dunes, amid greed


Who will speak up for the homeless

For solo mothers with kids

Evicted for rising rents, no less

Oh, God, who shall raise their voices

No time for prayer, only action

We need it now, as the human quake rumbles on


As if the ground shaking quakes were not enough

Bureaucracy rumbles on

Breaking hearts, destroying spirits

Policies changing, favouring the few

God, give us courage we need

To rise up and do what is needed, ‘tis we who must save ourselves




Time drags on

And on and on

Coming up five years

In a broken home


Some say the best is yet to come

Maybe it is

Maybe it’s not

Life will be whatever it will be

And it will not always be the same for everybody


Through it all

I have learnt some truths

And the most important:

“Best of all, God is with us”

The Sun Rises

The Sun Rises

Do I spent all my time thinking, without ever knowing

Wondering what else I could be doing

Do I have a voice worth listening to

Or am I blowing hot air at you


The world is a strange place filled with love and beauty

But there is much hatred and fear for all to see

Powerful elites undermine the love and hopes of the many

Leaving families broken and empty


Should I get into the things that really matter

When the crowds quickly begin to shatter

When nobody hears, because nobody cares

All caught up in an institutionised fear


Throw me off a cliff if you will

For I will climb back up again, I will

For my heart is strong and my mind decided

I have a voice and I am loud


It is time we reclaimed our future

The many impoverished standing up to the rich elite

Redistribution is about love and sharing

Overcoming the hoarding of indifference


As I walked along a river bed

I dreamed that fear, hatred, indifference were flowing out to sea

I imagined a world without poverty, healed

Then I awoke, but the hope lives on


I refuse to give up the dream

Of a revolutionary scene

Arising from the earthquakes

Giving birth to something new


The sun still rises

Even after a crisis

Meaning there is still hope

There is always hope

Psalm of David 2

Psalm of David 2

Oh God, why do people make discisions out of fear

Through fear of others, fear of the unknown

Do they not know you and the beauty in all of your creation


You love the world and all its beauty everywhere

All the people, white and coffee-coloured, through you we are truly known

Do they not know that all are loved by you - Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Pagan, Atheist, Christian


You love the orphaned child in a foreign land, afraid of its future

You love the lost soul with a heart filled with a hatred, many have never known

You love the healed and the wounded, the blessed and the broken


Oh God, what will I find in the world out there

When I wander the streets, out into the unknown

When I swim into the depths of the deep, blue ocean


Will I go out in love and hope, or in confusion and fear

Will I feel lost with others, not knowing

Waiting for a more comforting sense of creation


But it is in the beauty of chaos that your creation becomes truly alive

In the crisis when all hope seems lost

Where new opportunities are born


Let us see with open eyes and love

Not closed off in hatred and fear

As lines lose their rhythm and rhyme

Let there be something born in our midst


Let there be a new entry, amid Brexit

Let new life continue to surface in east Chrischurch and Waimakariri

Bring love to the refugee camps, terrorist camps, militaries, governments, synagogues, mosques and churches


Let everyone be who they are called to be

Sin is that which prevents us from being fully human

So help us to break down the barriers which stand in our way

The iron walls within people's hearts which create artificial barriers


Let love rain down on the world

So that what is hoarded will be unleashed

Let us share our abundance

And let us love fully like there is no tomorrow

And let everyone feel and know that love


Oh God, are these just meaningless lines

On a quiet evening in Parklands

While a movie plays and a fire simmers out in the background


What is there to say, will it be heard

In this winter season, amid mild weather

Will we know a love not faded

Will tomorrow herald something newer


God, when people are hurting, starving

Feed us with your strength so we can liberate

Ourselves and our neighbours healing

Ready for a newness to create


Let the people be heard, let their cries sing out

Under the weight of the powerful elites

For we are the keys to our own futures

Not some powerful leader in deceit


Keep hope alive

Bring great joy to overcome sadness

Bring the broken to life

And love to the many around us