Tacit Knowledge | How Can We Can Live Well?

There are 4  videos on How Can We Live Well? 

  1. Unblocking the blocks | Memory and Memes
  2. Using Hygge
  3. Using Design
  4. Using Music and Story

They all utilize the key concept of tacit knowledge - We know more than we can tell - along with the powerful tools of practical theological reflection, showing how music and story can make our personal and collective wisdom come alive. 

Unblocking the blocks | Memory and Memes

Using Hygge

Using Design

Using Music and Story


Dorothy Willis
01 June 2017, 9:45 PM

Have just played all 4 episodes of the Lady from the Charity.  Easy to listen to and filled with intrigue.  They have left me with the feeling that I need to watch each one again with a bit more time to think.  Great series.   I can see fantastic value for group viewing and discussion.

David Bell
02 June 2017, 9:30 AM

That's very, very generous comment Dorothy. I think they are hard to listen to but easier to read, and i hope to have the epub finished soon.