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Rosheen Gray Remembers

When becoming a new member of a church, you join it at “your” time with your context - and so we arrived at Trinity in August 1987 as an immigrant family from South Africa. Trinity already had three decades of Christian worship and witness in the East Coast Bays community. As I reflect on our association, the teachings and sermons of so many gifted and inspiring preachers, practical theology, so often through music, is uppermost in my thoughts.
A year after arriving, in 1988, Mona Grimshaw directed “Nehemiah”. This had quite an impact on me. The church - now the hall, became a theatre. It was an outstanding production. For those who were part of the cast it was a deeply meaningful time for a number of reasons. It was also a time when the parish had started fundraising for a new building, a time when St Stephens in Rothesay Bay was closing down. The musical was based on the book of Nehemiah and a gathering of people from different backgrounds to complete the unlikely task of rebuilding Jerusalem. And so it was.
“Brick by brick and stone by stone” the new church was opened with much celebration on this site in September 1994. A great design incorporating much of the exiting church-hall and a facility which has been our place of worship and much more besides.
As we celebrate our 60th anniversary we are grateful for the contributions of all the musicians who have lead our worship; what exceptional gifts they share to enhance our personal experiences. We remember John Pierce and John Orams, in particular. Also, are the memories of fun and special times as a member of Trinity choirs and of our many choir leaders, who shared and continue to share so much of their talents.
Music continues to be a significant element in our worship at Trinity - our singing of traditional hymns, usually with much enthusiasm, including those of Charles and John Wesley to those (music and lyrics) written more recently in New Zealand that reflect our time and place more appropriately.







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