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These poems were written after an extensive period of thinking about how the Gospel writers introduced their work. This was the project Under Geometry's Golden Sun

What did they want to say about Jesus of Nazareth?

What could they convey in a few words that would want to make the reader/hearer pause to think.

Here Elaine Jones, Heidi Wilson and Rosalie Sugrue introduce a family member and in so doing capture a reflection of a gospel insight.

My Brother Robert by Elaine Jones

A psychologist to start with,
he left, still young, for foreign lands.

In West Australia's vast country
he discovered unknown talents
that led to new talents.

He fashions rocks for his creations,
enhances gardens, shapes new vistas
using stunning local flora.

When he explores the deep-blue ocean
in his trusted sailing boat,

he finds the beauty of creation
and faces its tremendous power.

A gentle-mannered, quiet person,
he is the image of his father.


Look around Kid by Rosalie Sugrue

"Look around Kid,
I planned and planted this garden,
our quarter acre paradise,
made for all the family to share
but I wasn't the One
who gave these plants life."




Fanas by Heidi Wilson

Below the slopes of Scesaplana
lies the village, small, but mine.

At the heart of all that matters
in that place that we both love,
lives Margrith, thinker, worker, mother, friend.
She writes chronicles of family,
studies the history of her tribe.
She follows many old traditions,
but with a thoroughly modern mind.
Also cares for the departed
in the churchyard, with her flowers.

Tends to house and land and creatures,
always with her God in mind.

Why We Wrote TRIO

Under Geometry's Golden Sun


21 May 2018, 9:40 AM

Well, this is a surprise! 'Unc' as he was known to me would be astounded to know the values he lived by are endorsed by a niece, in the realm of cyber space!

David Bell
21 May 2018, 11:24 PM

Well, it is an exceptional little poem. The Doing Theology Group at Waiake affirmed that as Heidi and Elaine went with the idea of making it public and promoting on our FB kiwiconnexion page. The Kid is doing him proud.