The day we find our voice | Theology that matters  David Bell, Stuart Manins
 Local Church Community Projects  Christine Baker, Dorothy and Earnest Willis
Ethics for the Marketplace | A Spirituality of Resistance  George Armstrong, Jim Pearson
Making and marketing movies in New Zealand  Stuart Macadam, Matthew Mawkes


The Day We Find Our Voice | Theology that matters

Sunday 5 September 19:00-1945

Go to the event or watch the video here.

Presenters: Stuart Manins, David Bell


Ethics for the Marketplace | A theology of resistance

Go to the event or watch the video here.

Presenters: George Armstrong, Jim Pearson, David Bell

Read Peter Matheson's paper A Spirituality of Resistance

Read Jim Pearson's paper published in Stimulus

Review Jim Pearson's Powerpoint Berrgrav and Bonhoeffer


Making and Marketing Movies in New Zealand

Go to the event page or watch the You Tube video here.

Presenters: Stuart Macadam, Matthew Mawkes, David Bell 


Local Church Community Projects

Go to the event or watch the video here.

Presenters: Christine Baker, Dorothy Willis, David Bell


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Awards and open badges

Have you ever wondered why kiwiconnexion and its predecessor 6senses emphasizes the open badge project? Read this insightful little article We don't want your stinking badges or do we? The rise of micro-learning projects in the workplace, and informal and non-formal learning contexts is vital for future church development among young people. It's not an optional extra for a congregation that wants to grow its youth ministry.