Two brilliant small-scale sermons on how hard it is to be you but with grace and dignity everything and anything is possible. Born in Christchurch, Rev Dr Susan Thompson trained as a Methodist minister in Auckland, was ordained in 1994 and has lived in Hamilton since 2002. She completed doctoral studies at the University of Auckland in 2002. Susan currently works as Superintendent of the Waikato-Waiariki Synod. She is an advocate for the acceptance and equality of LGBTQ people in church and society.

Zine #38 The Why of Dignity

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Greg Morgan
20 January 2020, 9:34 PM


Susan’s compelling messages on the complexities and urgency of achieving unity are without bluster or emotional blackmail. The brevity, depth and clarity of her preaching truly enact the ‘joyful affirmation of diversity and difference.’ If ‘we fail to listen to our brother or sister we are in huge danger of no longer listening to God.’ The two pieces in this zine are accessible and inspiring. 


David Bell
20 January 2020, 11:45 PM

Susan Thompson has communicated a compelling Christian vision in these two concise sermons. She is one of those Methodist presbyters who make a difference by simply being who they truly are:  Christ's ambassadors. For which they pay a great price. By which they find life in abundance.