Are you ready for a challenge? The Quest for  Moral Compass by Kenan Malik.

This is a guided reading event – it involves you in participatory social learning. Guided reading can  develop a community of best practice for Creative Spaces and ministry in the kiwi connexion. Over a lifetime of church involvement Stuart Manins and David Bell have discerned that most of the trials, tribulations and triumphs of church life have their roots in the ethical, spiritual, social and theological dimensions. Malik's book provides an excellent framework for the dialogue. You can also find other Guided readings in Creative Spaces. You are warmly encouraged to set up your own guided readings for your personal ministry contexts. Contact David Bell in Creative Spaces to see how to do it. 


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Guided reading

 Malik, Kenan (2014-05-01). The Quest for a Moral Compass: A Global History of Ethics (p. 344). Atlantic Books Ltd. Kindle Edition.

Guided reading for pleasure and profit

This book requires a sustained effort to work through. The reward is a working knowledge of the history of ethics and how religions and philosophers have developed ethics.

The programme is simple to follow . Read each chapter and its associated forum topic.  Make a reply to each existing forum thread. The forums turn the chapters into topics which anyone can opt into without reading the entire book.

Using the forum

This guided reading forum has 20 'sticky' topics. They correspond to the topics/chapters  in the book.

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Post your reply into the relevant topic. 

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Apply for your Book Club Readers/Writers Award

The badging criteria has been simplified in the February 2016 changeover from 6senses to kwiconnexion. Work through the book using the PDF as a guide. Add your comments into the forum topics. Twenty topics completed will earn you all the's a challenging book but well worth the effort

After completing all the forums you can apply for your Book Club award here.



David Bell
07 January 2016, 11:02 PM has simplified the micro-mooc layout so that everything fits on one compact page.  Working through Quest for a Moral Compass opens up many of the ethical, theological, philosophical and spiritual questions our Community is involved with. You can join anytime and someone will reply in the forums or here in the comments section.

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