A mood board is a gathering of key ideas, images, colours, etc. to create a theme that will inform further work.

The ‘look’ of professional seasonal fashion and yarn collections is begun as a design mood board. I find that actually looking though the camera viewfinder makes me look more critically.

I used Adobe Illustrator but Word or publisher can also be used. Illustrator has a super little eye dropper tool which picks up colour from other images. From this I select a colour palette.

Making the Autumn Bag

Mood board 2 grew out of the original Lord is my Shepherd Easter Mood-board. We were fully into our garden harvests and preserves.


The fabric was knitted in Lockdown using a hand weaving technique to show case the woollen slubs, (it is a mixture of 1x1 and 2x2 weaving), but honestly, it took until New Year to actually make it. My Autumn Bag is based on a Japanese traditional folded azuma style. So there is no waste. It is not cut and sew.

Moodboard 2