AND...another goal!

AND knit something for my Granddaughters. This meant they needed to choose the colourways.


Unicorns and Moana

I know their favourite colours because during lockdown I had sent them photos of yarn to choose from and made them each a headband. This was my starting point to design their yarn. I also asked them to send me photos of their favourite clothes and toys. Hence we have a unicorn (owner is dressed for ballet). And the other loves the beach and swimming. She is seen sewing in her favourite dress and we have a paua. Add marshmellow toasting one day at the bach and some garden roses.

Mood board 5

Next I dyed the fleece using Ashford dyes.




Self- striping yarn

Combining it with end-of-the-line Ashford greys, I set about blending a self-striping yarn. One blend had more pink for unicorns and ballet. The other had more teal. I plied this hand spinning each with a commercial yarn to retain the separate colours. To date my dyeing, blending and spinning has got ahead of my knitting ability. I am still searching and developing ideas for a knitting pattern to use for this yarn.


A Cosy Winter Beret

Ashford Blending Project: A Cosy Winter Beret

Learning from an Expert. Proportions of colours are given weight.



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