A collection of journal entries from the Methodist Studies course.

Table of Contents


Originally written for an on-line classroom, these revised excerpts form the basis for my contribution to mapping a Wesleyan theology. Each journal entry has been placed on a separate web page. Please feel encouraged to feedback.

01 Preface

John Wesley’s influence
02 During his lifetime
03 Over the 19th 20th 21st centuries

The Wesleyan context
04 A social religion
05 Liberalism

Wesleyan concepts (from sermons)
06 Reflection after reading the standard 44 sermons
07 Scriptural Christianity
08 Original sin
09 Perfection
10 Experience
11 Ecumenism

Methodism in New Zealand
12 Bringing the gospel for Maori
13 Covenant and the Treaty - What if John Wesley held a class meeting today?
14 Methodist decline and growth
15 Being ‘stuck’ in Methodism


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