About the Alumni Association and Open Badges and awards

Criteria for awards and badges

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kiwiconnexion.nz Open Badges

What are Open Badges?
The Open Badges platform is a global standard which recognises skills and achievements on the world wide web. Open Badges connect individuals, community groups, employers and institutions via simple visual icons that convey information about the earner, the issuer, the criteria for the award, and the evidence.

What is the Church’s Vision for its Open Badges?
Our badges tell the story of vibrant church commitment and engagement, and promotion of our Christian values within the secular community including virtual contexts. When a badge is correctly displayed, click it to see all the information, which tells part of our story.

Who issues Open Badges?
Badges are authorized by the Alumni Association issuing committee of kiwiconnexion.nz

Who can award Open Badges?
Any congregation or officially recognised leadership group which wishes to award a badge emails admin.badges@kiwiconnexion.nz  with details of the reasons for the award. Our badges are community awards, not academic awards. The issuing committee can initiate awards.

What does the award of an Open Badge signify?
The award of an Open Badge demonstrates the recipient’s willingness and response to

  1. engage with local and/or virtual church communities, the secular workplace and other volunteer group settings through
  2. commitment to lifelong learning and sharing faith, theological insight and wisdom 
  3. promoting and valuing gospel-generated inclusiveness and diversity

How is an Open Badge displayed?
The badges are stored  permanently in your Open Badge Factory Passport and can be displayed in kiwiconnexion.nz and can be shown elsewhere in social media such as Facebook.

Next steps? How can this work for you?
Yes, the system has been in operation for some time and the following badges can be awarded.

  • Book Club Reader/Writers - awarded from kiwconnexion.nz
  • Bookclub guided reading - as above
  • Presenter Live-on-Air - as above
  • Ambassador - awarded from recognized leadership groups or kiwconnexion.nz
  • Community Theologian - as above
  • Volunteer Leader -as above
  • Muso Badge - as above