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Mount Whiria, Tane Mahuta, Hokianga

By being fortunate enough to experience Te Tai Tokerau for the second time, I promised myself to look for new learnings that I might have missed out on, last year.

Last year I was excited about the journey because of going into new territories.  This time round, it was a different kind of excitement, as I was looking forward to look more closely at particular things/places knowing where we were going. 

Because I climbed Mount Whiria last year, I was thinking on the way there, that I don't need to climb again.  But then I couldn't resist the challenge, and said to myself 'Why not?'  And to my surprise, instead of crawling most of the way to the top last year, I was actually walking all the way up this time! - aahaaa! - is that progress/growth or what?  Hopefully this mirrors spiritual growth as well.  And how can it not be, since the spirit is the core of our being.

The beauty of the Hokianga is breathtaking, isn't it?  How about the majestic Tane Mahuta?  The mountains, forest, sea and all that are within, they all speak of the Creator, and that was something I overlooked in my reflection last year.  How could I missed that, I don't know.  Maybe I was overwhelmed by the vastness of the experience and unable to take everything in. 

This second time opportunity gave me the chance to answer my own question of 'What  does Te Tai Tokerau has to do with theology?'  The answer is an affirmed 'everything'. 


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Mount Whiria


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