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Pete and Cornelius


The Road to Emmaus

Easter 21

The Lord's Prayer

Easter resources

The Easter Story

All About Easter Eggs

Find the Sentence

Happy Easter Words

Jesus heals

Jesus heals a deaf man

Jesus calms the sea and walks on water


Easter 2020

You are salt of the earth

The Parable of the Sower

The Lost Coin

Who will help Dad in the orchard?


David Continued

David & Goliath


The Loving Father

Paul is shipwrecked

Paul escapes Damascus

Jesus Heals

After Christmas ( Jan 2018)

The end of the Moses story

Moses continued

Baby Moses

Easter 2017

Joseph Part 1

Joseph Part 2

Riding a donkey and sorting the Temple

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Lost in Jerusalem

Christmas 2016 kids pack

Feeding the 5000

File(s) to download

Kids Pack 9 - The 10 Lepers

Kids Pack 9 ready for download

Kids Pack 8 ready for download - The lost sheep


Pack 8  includes a great new and fast way for kids to make a pom pom.

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Kids pk 7 for the holidays

Kids Pack 6

Just download and unzip

This pack features the parable of the Wise & Foolish Man

Kids Pack 5

Kids Pack 5 - zip file ready for download

This pack includes the post Easter stories of  Thomas and Breakfast on the beach.

Activities includes a magic trick with paper clips and a note.

Book mark to make for Mum or Grandma or a favourite Aunty.

A quite difficult cross.  Hard to put back together when you have 6 pieces.


Download the Easter Zip Pack

Download Dave the Donkey Easter Movie

Download Zip Kids Pack 1


20 March 2016, 11:17 PM

Nice ones D

Stuart Manins
04 April 2016, 8:51 PM

What an excellent idea. Congratulations on your ability to communicate important ideas in a thoroughly appropriate way for children and people unused to the source material. The film about 'fishes of men' captured in a visual way what would be hard to establish with many words  - particularly if they contained many archaism and pious jargon. The practical word puzzle and the other aspects give a variety of activities bound to sustain interest. Well done.