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Easter resources

The Easter Story

All About Easter Eggs

Find the Sentence

Happy Easter Words


David Continued

David & Goliath


The Loving Father

Paul is shipwrecked

Paul escapes Damascus

Jesus Heals

After Christmas ( Jan 2018)

The end of the Moses story

Moses continued

Baby Moses

Easter 2017

Joseph Part 1

Joseph Part 2

Riding a donkey and sorting the Temple

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Lost in Jerusalem

Christmas 2016 kids pack

Feeding the 5000

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Kids Pack 9 - The 10 Lepers

Kids Pack 9 ready for download

Kids Pack 8 ready for download - The lost sheep


Pack 8  includes a great new and fast way for kids to make a pom pom.

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Kids pk 7 for the holidays

Kids Pack 6

Just download and unzip

This pack features the parable of the Wise & Foolish Man

Kids Pack 5

Kids Pack 5 - zip file ready for download

This pack includes the post Easter stories of  Thomas and Breakfast on the beach.

Activities includes a magic trick with paper clips and a note.

Book mark to make for Mum or Grandma or a favourite Aunty.

A quite difficult cross.  Hard to put back together when you have 6 pieces.


Download the Easter Zip Pack

Download Dave the Donkey Easter Movie

Download Zip Kids Pack 1


20 March 2016, 11:17 PM

Nice ones D

Stuart Manins
04 April 2016, 8:51 PM

What an excellent idea. Congratulations on your ability to communicate important ideas in a thoroughly appropriate way for children and people unused to the source material. The film about 'fishes of men' captured in a visual way what would be hard to establish with many words  - particularly if they contained many archaism and pious jargon. The practical word puzzle and the other aspects give a variety of activities bound to sustain interest. Well done.