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Stuart Macadam writes
Rev Dr David Bell recently converted his popular book In The Beginning: Adam and Eve and Evolution into something much more. It is something he believes will resonate well with people of all ages.

"It's a different take on an audio-visual-Ebook (AVE). In a nutshell though, the text from the book is on screen, while voices are there reading it out."
Originally written as a guide for young people making the transition from high school to tertiary studies, it went into a second edition and attracted favourable comment in various church contexts. Its initial print run sold out almost entirely through word of mouth marketing. Passionately researched from his theological work and experience as a Methodist Minister, the book seeks to address some of the more pressing questions.

In the revised second edition, Prof Emeritus John Morton wrote in a new preface, “Rev Dr. David Bell’s In the Beginning ... Adam and Eve and Evolution is a deeply engrossing study of the opening chapters of Genesis. Original in arrangement, it is set out at two levels that can be read separately. The first is a dialogue between three members in a youth group. It is enriched with imaginative pen illustrations by Melissa Martyn.
“The dialogue is likely to be read straight through without putting down. But interleaved with it, on accompanying right hand pages, is a deeper material that may not be so easy to read; - it would be inadequate if it were. But in a cross-reading with the dialogue to which it applies different age and intellectual groups will enjoy tackling both together.”

Dr. Bell has made the AVE free for download through his website Kiwiconnexion and hopes that its availability online can reach a new audience.
"People have developed a strong affinity with the internet in their search for knowledge and understanding. There is also a large expectation today that educational books and resources should be free.”

An Introduction to Act One: In the Beginning...Two Creations

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Who Talks about Adam and eve today | An invitation for you to start the dialogue

You are invited to study a little more about Genesis Creation Stories

A personal invitation for you to begin one of the most fascinating conversations you can ever have in church or online church. Why study this in Genesis and Science Group?


  • A ton of free resources for your sermons, worship services, study groups
  • Dialogue that integrates your questions and feedback to take you deeper level of understanding
  • Lively, enquiring minds to share in our social learning

The base for beginning a Bible study

Archaeology, ancient languages, and the history of emerging societies and cultures provide the base for modern Biblical study. How can a young person really begin to understand the Bible when it seems to need so much expertise even from the outset? Should we leave it all to the experts? No, not at all. However, we should listen carefully to the results of their research.

Just like studying any secular subject

The situation is not much different from beginning studies in any subject in the curriculum. In fact, Bible study is considerably easier than many subjects because we often know a lot more than we first thought. Many films, books, art works and music have Biblical themes. Also, commonsense and the desire to know just a little bit more will take any student of the Bible a very long way.

The Book of Genesis is a great place to start

The best place to begin Bible study is with Genesis, the Creation story and Adam and Eve. Why? Because they are easy to understand at many different levels. After that I would recommend John’s Gospel, for it also wants to begin at the beginning.
It is an interesting fact that Genesis 1:1-2:4a, the first Creation story, is never again directly referred to in the rest of the Old Testament. And the second Creation story, the story of Adam and Eve, is mentioned only twice in the other books of the Old Testament.

Curious fact about other biblical mention of Adam and Eve

However, Adam and Eve‘s story is mentioned six times in the New Testament. It is really developed into a full-scale theology incorporating Jesus Christ as the second Adam. This is primarily the work of St Paul, for Jesus makes only a fleeting reference to the story. Yet, Paul’s profound insight shaped Christianity just as effectively as Jesus’ teaching. They complemented one another. On a larger scale, Christianity and Judaism have done the same, but with many tensions and misunderstandings in the past. Adam and Eve is best understood from the perspectives of both traditions.

Three video resources to get you started
Use the video on the About page of the Genesis and Science group

and the video on this page Introducing Act One

and the video from the Leadership+ micro-mooc on How to Study Scripture

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Stuart Manins
12 March 2016, 3:56 PM

After forgetting that I was originally involved in the reading of this material I am delighted to find it so refreshing and pertinent to the present time. I obviously enjoy reading, but it is a joy to read a text that I can so easily agree with, and be with such talented colleagues. Great achievement David!

Stuart Manins.

David Bell
08 April 2016, 11:06 PM

Thanks for that Stuart.  More resourcing coming in the Genesis and Science group during 2016, including a number of Live-on-air presentations.  I see the main videos are over 1K of views each and tracking upwards.