Act Three of David Bell's play for young people (and the perplexed) In the Beginning...Adam and Eve and Evolution. These resources were originally published by AIM ECB  2004, and 2016 in YouTube and subsequently into these pages in kiwi connexion.

Act Three | Fall?...Adam and Eve and Evolution

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You may request from David Bell a contextual study guide designed for your own study group. This is a personalized resource created free of charge.

An Introduction to Act Three | Fall

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Two Trees Determine the Fate of Humanity?

Is our ultimate fate tied up to the Tree of Life?

There were two trees in Paradise. This is sometimes overlooked when preachers talk about the creation mythologies. Adam and Eve ate fruit of the first tree which gives knowledge of good and evil. But the fruit of the second tree was altogether more powerful. Its fruit would mean they would live forever, experiencing good and evil through time, exactly as God does.
Without a doubt, such knowledge is much too much for the children of dust to bear. For the dust was our origin, we are this very minute the dust that breathes, and to the dust we shall surely return. Our ultimate fate? We may wonder about that...and especially from the pulpit. People are always interested in what humanity is and might yet be.

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