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THE SEASONS - you are warmly invited

A5 ad seasons.jpg.1We are having an open meeting to begin term 4 art class. All the members of Trinity are invited to participate, as are Dorothy and Lavinia and other folk from further afield.

I'm going to start the face-to-face discussion by playing autumn's theme (called the Bacchanale) from Glazunov's ballet, The Seasons. It's only a few minutes long but quite stirring - used as a theme for various tv productions. Then we will invite our responses to how the seasons come into art, literature, and music.  And, life generally.

The church uses its own seasons and has a season of creation but this korero isn't confined to just Christian themes.  And if you have a previous painting or drawing or graphic that illustrates how you felt about a season - how you experienced it, saw it - bring it along to talk about. 

Please feel encouraged to share those odd sentences, lines from books and poems, and other ideas you have. For example, Vincent van Gogh painted the four seasons. There's a great school resource from the National Gallery of Victoria explaining his life and work.  View it here.

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