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James and Laurel Kells

Prof Peter Lineham | The Waiake 60th Anniversary

Upcoming Dimi Nakov, Stuart Macadam | Overcoming blocks to Creative Writing

Watch Live Stream about Simone Weil from 25 Feb

Watch Live Stream on Music Education with Charlotte Froelich, Stuart Manins, from 28 Jan

Watch Live Stream Stuart Macadam and David Bell on Theological Imagination

Recommended: Insights in Spirituality and Creativity

  • Featuring Laurinda Erasmus, award winning author  
  • Laurel Kells, nutrition coach
  • Elise Macadam, English and Media Studies teacher and  head of department
  • Susan Thompson, Methodist Synod Superintendent

Watch how spiritual insight is discovered through body, soul, mind processes as the participants explore in depth their reading, writing, research.


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Past Broadcasts 2017

2017-Live-on-air.jpgReturn anytime to watch this year's Collection of Sunday Night Live-on-Air.

All the interviews curated into one handy Collection. A page for each month with additional resources: video, PDF, graphics. Plus link to a new page of longer articles relevant to particular topics.  Plus the forum posts and, if you want to add a more general comment you can do so at the bottom of each page.

It's helpful if you do comment here in kiwiconnexion, or YouTube or Facebook. Each like, share, comment is an indicator of social engagement and valuable for SEO, search engine optimization, which helps others find out about us.  Also we will include a link to the podcasts of each Live-on-Air.

Live-on-air.pngReturn anytime to watch the 2016 latest Live-on-air Events in this collection.

The day after each Live-on-air is recorded it is put into our Night School collection. There is a separate page for each month of the year. Associated PDFs and other resources are also posted here. An in-depth video resource across a range of relevant topics for people in Christian ministry. 

Presenters include David Bell | Roger Booth | Elizabeth Davies | Laurinda Erasmus | John Evans |Ian Faulkner | Kuli Fisi'iahi | Rosheen Gray|  Manoa Havea | Krisina Hoeppner | Dail Jones | Tony Kemp |Stuart Macadam | Elise Macadam| Paul Nel | Stuart Manins | Allison Miller | Barbara Moller | Dimi Nakov | Val Nicholls | Mark Orams| Neti Petaia |  Julie Thomson | Max Thomson | Uesifili Unasa | Dorothy Willis and more to come.

 Live-on-air-warandpeace2015.pngThis micro-mooc series examined the following key issues:

The Rise of Pacifism
The War on Terror

Learn more about these with Jim Pearson, Stuart Manins and David Bell. There are a variety of PDF resources and forum discussions that can be useful for study group discussions.


A great range of 2015 video resources - valuable for individual reflection and preparation for innovative worship and group study. Our presenters for 2015 have included:

 Rev Dr George Armstrong Ι Jocelyn Armstrong Ι Christine Baker | Rev Clive Dyson Ι Rev Dr John Evans Ι Rev Greg Hughson | Peter Lane Ι Stuart Macadam Ι Stuart Manins | Matthew Mawkes Ι Barbara Moller Ι Jim Pearson | Rev Abhishek Solomon Ι Max Thomson Ι Rev Uesifili Unasa | Simon Williams Ι Sheryl Willis Ι Dorothy Willis | Earnest Willis Ι